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Striving for an Informed Perspective

In a field of nine candidates, it can be extremely difficult to separate one candidate from another. If elected, will a candidate remain silent and cast their vote with little to no explanation, or will they be brave enough to ask the hard questions publicly and offer an explanation to their position? Does the school board candidate plan on having 100% trust in the superintendent, or do they plan to make an effort to get answers and recommendations on their own? If a superintendent is not being straightforward, will the candidate be strong enough to hold them accountable?

These are important questions to ask, as the school board has significant control over school curriculum, district policies, budget spending and the implementation of both academic and social programs. Those who have spent any time with me know, the answer to those questions is quite clear. Though I may be quiet and often prefer to avoid the spotlight, I am also a straightforward individual who prefers to have control and likes to find answers.

I was always the quiet student in the classroom; I always showed up, I did what was asked, I rarely got in trouble and when the day was over, I went home. However, as I grew and gained experience in life, education and business, I began to ask questions. I quickly discovered questions are how one learns, and questions are the best way to determine one’s intentions and motivations. A glaring problem I have noticed in a large majority of school board meetings across districts, is the limited amount of questions being asked by the board members. Too often, people speak without ever actually saying anything. My mother once asked me when I was very little, why I was so quiet. My response to her was, “because I have nothing to say.” She told me, at that moment, she knew my words meant something to me and that when I speak it is only because I believe I have something worth saying. She never questioned about my introversion again and I was never made to feel inferior for my silence. Too often, people will speak just to be relevant. For me, words need to matter, they must carry weight and they must be clear.

I have always been a skeptical individual, who approaches new people and new situations with caution. I am uncomfortable with change and I much prefer predictability over surprises. My strong desire for personal control and consistency, only feeds my desire to learn. Knowledge offers both peace and confidence to the unknown. When I made the choice to run for school board, the first thing I did was work to gain knowledge. I am fully aware that I have never taught in a public school and I have never worked as a school administrator, but there are a limited number of tools and knowledge to be gained through personal experience. One must be willing to look outside themselves, to access the unlimited material available, if willing to look. My strong passion for reading combined with three years of doctorial research, as given me the tools necessary to analyze a situation from an informed perspective. If my perspective lacks the tools and awareness, then I simply get back to what I know best, reading and research.

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