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Heather Rooks & Devon Updegraff-Day are moms, simple as that. They first teamed up together to battle their local school district over refusing to honor Heather's son's medical mask exemption. From there, the two have pushed for the enforcement of parental rights,  teacher code of conduct accountability and have taken on the fight against Critical Race Theory (CRT) . Heather has worked directly with legislators to help get bills passed that support our beliefs on parental rights, curriculum transparency and putting an end to both CRT and comprehensive sex education in our public schools. Our goal is simple, to demand complete transparency from our local public school administrators and school board, hold administrators and board members accountable for actions that go against the well-being of their students  and to fight for higher academic standards and a curriculum that emphasizes math, English, grammar, science, US and world history. Until our kids start ranking at the top of these five fields there is no room in education for any nonsense that only dilutes academic standards, divides students and wastes precious time .  

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