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Heather Rooks is a mom of four and is one of the founding members of West Valley Parents Uniting. She start as a parent advocate began 2 years ago when she was forced to battle her local school district over their refusal to honor her son's medical mask exemption. That first battle lit a fire within her and has made her a local leader in protecting parental rights, fight against Critical Race Theory (CRT). Heather has worked directly with legislators to help get bills passed that support our beliefs on parental rights, curriculum transparency and putting an end to both CRT and comprehensive sex education in our public schools. 

Devon Updegraff-Day is an Arizona native, mother of three, a small business owner and a founding member of West Valley Parents Uniting. Devon first teamed up with Heather back in 2020 and together they developed strong relationships with fellow parent advocates around the country and continue to use their growing platform  to help inform, guide and alert parents to the chaos occurring in many of our K thru 12 schools. Devon was honored to be invited to both the 2021 Freedom Works, Best in Education Conference and the 2021 Parents Defending Education Conference. 

Wendy Van Wie is a proud parent of a high schooler in Peoria School District and is passionate about the education. Her daughter's recent high school experience during the COVID-19 debacle motivated Wendy to make a difference and support those who willing to fight for quality education. She is married and has lived in Peoria for almost 15 years and finds joy in watching her daughter develop volleyball playing abilities career and spending time outdoors. Looking forward to making a difference in the public school system.

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